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Walnut Creek and Bay Area small business payroll solutionsOwning and operating a small business comes with tremendous challenges and responsibilities – one of which is “Payroll”. When you hire your first employee, you have entered the tedious world of record keeping and tax reporting. Proper record keeping is not only beneficial to you but also to your employees.

Quite often business owners tend to think that payroll service/management only means ensuring that the employees are paid on time. Not true. Payroll has two distinct areas – Accounting and Administration.

Which small business owner has the time to keep up to date on the numerous laws and regulations that may give rise to payroll employment tax issues (which can be very costly)?

At Walnut Creek Accounting & Bookkeeping, we can manage your entire payroll process, i.e. Payroll Accounting and Administration.

Why not allow Walnut Creek Accounting & Bookkeeping Payroll Management Services team to work for you? Spend your time doing what you do best – generating new business.

For more information on our Payroll Services, please contact us.